Risk of stagflation moves closer

Fears of a downturn Concerns about rising inflation and faltering economic growth pervaded financial markets during June and central banks around the world   raised interest rates in a bid to curb inflationary pressures that have been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. The World Bank  warned that the risk of stagflation – high inflation … Continue reading “Risk of stagflation moves closer”

Three reasons why markets may slide

Having looked at the bull case for stock markets,  it is worth examining the bear case. There are structural forces conspiring against equities today, from slowing growth, to high valuations to rising interest rates. We look at why these elements may prove to be the final straw for the lengthy bull run in global share … Continue reading “Three reasons why markets may slide”

Three reasons why stock markets can power onwards

A lengthy bull market is always nerve-wracking. Investors start to fret on valuations, on earnings, on the strength of economic growth. As valuations creep higher, but economic growth remains strong, we look at the bull and bear case for equities today. First, we examine three reasons why investors could be cheerful about the prospects for … Continue reading “Three reasons why stock markets can power onwards”